Foreign Transactions

Letter of Credit (L/C): L/C (Letter of credit):
The bank provides customers a letter of credit (L/C) for international payment of goods. The bank is a mediator for both buyers and sellers as both of them do not know each other and do not trust each other in cross-border. Therefore, the bank serves as a mediator to coordinate purchase and payment of such goods.

Import Bills::
The bank accepts a letter of credit (L/C) from foreign countries according to the purpose of customers who have a trading contract with their partners.

Export Bills::
The bank receives the notification for export letter of credit and documents to collect money from abroad.


  • • Buyers and sellers are confident.
  • • Buyers will receive the right product as needed.
  • • Sellers will receive full payment as described in product items.

For more information:

Please contact Joint Development Bank, Treasury and International service department, Tel: +856 21 213531-6 or Fax: +856 21 213530.