Bill Discounted Service

Service Description:

Bill Discounted Service is provided to increase short-term liquidity. Customers sell their undue bond or cheque to the bank in order to change to cash. It is comfortably and quickly. The bank will buy 80% of bill discount value.


  • • Can be changed to cash easily and quickly.
  • • Source working capital.
  • • Can increase short-term business liquidity in a rush hour.
  • • Receive money in advance according to the amount of bill discount provided by partners in case that payment is not yet due.


  • • Only repeat customers with good repayment background activate their JDB deposit will be preferable. The bank will consider to provide credit card limit that does not exceed loan repaid.
  • • Only new customers who apply for a loan will be considered to provide loan with credit card limit using the same collateral.
  • • Fees are set as declared by JDB.

For more information:

Please contact Business Credit Division, Tel: 021-215595, Fax: 021-223431.

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