Saving Account


Saving Account is an option for everyone who has a regular income and prefers to save money. It does not only save your money but it also enables you not to carry a large amount of money and take a risk of crime or save your money at home anymore. You just open a saving account at JDB, you would feel relieved and comfortable during withdrawal or withdraw from ATMs.


  • Be able to deposit and withdraw at any JDB branches or service units across the country;
  • This category of account can be used to have an ATM card to transfer money via ATMs, pay for goods via JDB EDC machine and buy all types of prepaid cards via ATMs and various services;
  • Can be used to certify your financial status;
  • Earn interest at the interest rate set by JDB.


  • • LAK
  • • THB
  • • USD



Terms and conditions:

  1. ວົງເງິນຝາກປະຍັດ ເລີ່ມຕົ້ນຂັ້ນຕ່ຳສຸດ ຂອງແຕ່ລະສະກຸນ ຄື: 50,000 ກີບ, 20 ໂດລາ ຫຼື 500 ບາດ