International Money Transfer via MoneyGram


Send and receive money between individuals via MoneyGram. It is convenient, quick and reliable. You can use this service at all JDB services units across the country.


  • • You can be confident that MoneyGram transfer is convenient, secure and reliable.
  • • With MoneyGram service, you and your family will never miss sending love and care through more than 207,000 service units worldwide.
  • • Receivers are not required to have their deposit account and it is free of charge.
  • • Receivers can receive money in local currency of the relevant country using the MoneyGram exchange rate.
  • • Reduce your burden from problems around you. This service is the quickest option, once the transfer process is completed, the receiver will receive your cash within 10 minutes.

Transfer requirements:

  • • Transferors must have their family registration book or ID card or passport (not expired).
  • • The receiver’s name and surname.
  • • Inform the receiver’s address, city and country.
  • • Deposit the amount you need to transfer.

Receiver requirements:

  • • Receivers must have their family registration book or ID card or passport (not expired).
  • • Reference Number.
  • • The transferor’s name and surname and country of origin.
  • • Inform the amount the receiver will receive.


Payment depends on the amount declared by transferors who fill out the transfer form. The payment options in various currencies are based on JDB regulations from time to time. In some cases, you will need your residence certificate (a certified copy of documents from the bank or invoice). Each country requires different documents.




• Fees are declared by MoneyGram.

For more information:

Please contact the Joint Development Bank Head Quarter or its service units across the country, Tel: +856 21 213531 – 6 or +856 21 241843 or fax: +856 21 213530 or you can check from more MoneyGram service points at: to:

  1. Find service unit near you.
  2. Check reasonable fees for international money transfer.
  3. Check out payment option available in each country.