Loan Services

Long-term loan is used to facilitate the financial support and to provide capital to customers who will operate their business on the following sectors: Industry, trade, construction, transportation, supply of technical materials, agriculture-forestry, etc. Long-term loan is working capital for operating business. Loan interest will be charged at an effective interest rate. Borrowers are able to repay both principal and interest in installments as agreed in the contract. Loan approval is based on a fixed income which is divided into 3 phases: Short-term loan: below 1 year, medium-term loan: 1-3 years and long-term loan: 3-5 years.


  • • Increase capital to maximize balance.
  • • Installment is made up to 5 years.
  • • Support working capital for businesses in a rush hour.
  • • Approve money within 21 days (when full documents are correctly checked).
  • • Easy and quick submission of loan request letter.
  • • Loan interest is calculated as an installment, at an effective interest rate.

Terms and conditions:

You will receive a loan limit based on your actual need. It also depends on your business profitability, the value of your collateral, your risk and JDB considerations.


  1. Interest rate of each type of loan is charged as an interest rate per year.
  2. Customers can borrow money within time limit as specified in each of type of loan.
  3. Interest rate of quick loan is charged as an interest rate per month and the approval fee is collected once after the approval of credit and contract.
  4. Quick loan must have its collateral. Customers may use their deposits, land and house or vehicle as a collateral.
  5. For good customers, the Management Board can consider an appropriate interest rate for them.
  6. Additional terms or guidance’s for implementation will be divided into a separate section.

Loan documents include:

  • • Loan request letter (based on JDB form).
  • • Borrower’s biography.
  • • Business operation background.
  • • Revenue and expenditure forecasting plan (assets, liabilities).
  • • Copy of family registration book, ID card or passport (borrower & guarantor).
  • • Residence Certificate (borrower & guarantor)
  • • Copies of business license and tax certificate.
  • • Copy of business operation license.
  • • Power of attorney agreement for loan (if there are shareholders).
  • • Copy of collateral or power of attorney in respect of collateral (if it belongs to another person).
  • • Companies must provide additional documents such as: Letter of appointment or power of attorney from companies. resolution adopted at the Company’s meeting, company’s regulations, balance sheet (balance sheet, financial statement for the last 06-month period).
  • • Other documents required by the bank.


  • • Only repeat customers with good repayment background activate their JDB deposit will be preferable. The bank will consider to provide credit card limit that does not exceed loan repaid.
  • • Only new customers who apply for a loan will be considered to provide loan with credit card limit using the same collateral.
  • • Fees are set as declared by JDB.

For more information:

Please contact Business Credit Division, Tel: 021-215595, Fax: 021-223431

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